Some of the prayers I had before –

How I would love to feel and see your presence more clearly! I will wait upon your perfect timing, even though I can be a bit impatient! I will keep telling myself to be patient and I won’t beat myself too much for being impatient.

I understand that I must be ready for anything that comes, whether if it’s blessings or trials. I am willing to give and sacrifice for you even though my flesh may not agree with it. I only ask for your strength and courage to stand for what’s to come. (I thought of possible future persecution and whether if I am willing to stand for Christ even there is a possibility of being mocked, ridiculed, or physically hurt).

I ask for you to clean my heart inside out. Completely! What if I am seeking You with some ulterior motive? As in seeking You for the sake of receiving your blessings? What if there’s something hidden within me that I’m not aware of or have overlooked? Something in subconscious that I should repent of? If so then I repent of whatever is not clean within me.
Nevertheless, I will lean on your promises, your unwavering words! I know you can clean my heart and give me a new heart. I can feel You working through my heart, just as potter molds his clays into perfection. O Father, You know me better than I know myself. I don’t want to hurt your feeling but instead I want to give you my LOVE. I ask to be able to LOVE you as you have LOVED me.