Just some of my short prayers scattered throughout regular day (might not be the exact words or as refined as I’ve written them but the general concept is still the same)

– Thank you for the fresh bagel, they smell wonderful! It’s delightful.

– Thank you for being with me

– Thank you for a beautiful day

– Look at that beautiful tree, Your designs are delightful to behold!

– Thank you for giving me food and drink and I ask for You to bless my meal.

– I will never leave you no matter what happen.

– How I love your handiworks! Look at all those birds fluttering about, swaying green grasses, and the smell of fresh air!

– What an amazing universe you have created!

NASA Unveils Celestial Fireworks as Official Hubble 25th Anniversary Image
Source: Hubblesite.org

– Let’s go on an adventure! (going to a local park).

– Thank you for going on an adventure with me.

– (Just sitting and silently thinking of you, imagining myself sitting alongside with you and enjoying your presence)