Journey with the LORD

Sharing God's LOVE for the mankind

The Bride Who Waited

A beautiful bride,
Sitting on a rock amidst the stream,
All dressed up and ready.

She had been waiting for a long time,
Turning her head in excitement for every sound in the forest,
Anticipating her Groom to come anytime.

That must be Him!
No.. just rustling leaves.
Is that Him?
No, just a deer lurking about.

Doubts rise up in her head.
What if He had forgotten about me?
What if I’m not worthy?
What if…

Shaking her head,
No! I won’t doubt!
He will come. I know He will
Because He loves me
And because He promised!

I won’t chase after other things,
Things that I can see and hear.
No, I’ll wait for the best!
I’ll take it in faith that you’re the best!
Yes, I will have faith…

And I will keep on watching and be ready!

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