Journey with the LORD

Sharing God's LOVE for the mankind

Sweet Nectar of God’s Love

Recently I had an intense dream but I was unsure what it meant. I felt a profound sense of love and acceptance in the dream. I still thanked God, even though I didn’t understand the dream, for He has poured His love into me. Nevertheless, it has inspired me to write this poem. Enjoy!

Your love is like a sweet nectar
Pure, intense and yet gentle
Let me drink deeply of your love!

How can mere words describe your LOVE?

Your love is higher than the highest mountains,
Deeper than the deepest ocean,
Wider than the whole universe,
Enduring forever and ever!

O Loving GOD,
Let us dance!
Without care in the world,
Watch the world diminish to nothingness,
As we get closer and closer!

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