Journey with the LORD

Sharing God's LOVE for the mankind

What Shall I Do, O Lord?

Is it your voice O LORD?
Or is that just my thoughts?
Is that the voice of evil ones?
Or just my own thoughts?

Or yours?

Or am I just overthinking things?
O Soul, cease being anxious!
O Soul, what torments you?

Well Soul…
I will still follow God’s command regardless –
Which is loving and following you,
And loving and treating one another royally.

Is this a case of taking on more faith?
And knowing less where we’re going?

Or is this a test?
To see what I would do without clear guidance?
Like the servants in the parable of talents?

If so,
Then I’ll make sure to put Your “talents” to a good use!
I will bring to my remembrance
Of what I’ve learned from Your Holy Word,
And try to discern what your will is.

I hope my mere efforts please you, O LORD
Even it is stumbling and imperfect..

Only You can make and refine me
Into a beautiful vessel of great value
From gritty ashes into magnificent jewels
O Author and Finisher of my faith!

Then BAM!
Out of nowhere,
The LORD speaks
Not by our timing,

A question I’ve pondered in my heart –

Is it that when we grow closer and closer to God, that we learn to depend more and more upon faith? Less sight and more faith?

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