In the past week, I’ve noticed a huge uptick in spiritual attacks to which I’ve done a lot of rebuking and scripture quoting to remind myself of the promises God gave me. At first I didn’t realize it was a spiritual attack, but then I realized it was when I saw how concentrated and repeated these intrusive thoughts were, which made me think it came from the evil ones. Perhaps it’s a time of testing to see how I would stand?

There came a barrage of thoughts trying to invoke unforgiveness inside me related to past. People who’ve sinned against me popped up repeatedly in my thoughts, one after one with very specific actions. I kept on rebuking these thoughts and said that I forgave anyone who sinned against me. God forgave me so therefore I will forgive anyone else. Anytime these thoughts came up, I wielded forgiveness as my arrows shooting against these negative thoughts. And even when I didn’t have strength, I can always call my GOD to give me the strength to do so. I chose not to be defiled with unforgiveness and will clothe myself with forgiveness instead!

Then there were thoughts trying to show my unworthiness, showing how people have rejected or overlooked me. Of course, pain came though me, but I rebuked these thoughts saying God loves me very much and that He will never leave or forsake me. I refused to let these thoughts bring me down. I can let them go and then focus on moving on and enjoying my life. I reminded myself that Jesus was rejected and overlooked so he probably felt hurt as well. In response, I wrote a poem to God showing my love hoping that even my small attempt at loving Him will please Him (see earlier post on Songs of Love).

Also, there were thoughts that tried to invoke self-condemnation within me, showing my sins from the past. I rebuked these thoughts as well, saying that the Blood of Christ washed away my sins and I am forgiven. I am new creation in Christ! I told myself that I am not tied to the past and what matters is I can learn from the past to do things differently for better. In addition to that, I cling to the faith that He will raise my corruptible body into incorruptible body with Christ reigning my heart!

Finally, there were doubting thoughts saying that God isn’t there, and I rebuked that quite strongly saying that I will wait upon the LORD and for His perfect timing. It is HIS timing not my own timing! He is always with me, whether if I’m asleep or awake. Even when I may not feel his presence, He is always there. So I will make sure I cling on His garment tightly and never let go.

So in short –
Arrows of forgiveness to shatter unforgiveness,
Balm of love wiping away unworthiness and rejection,
Blood of Christ washing away self-condemnation,
And finally, helmet of salvation to protect myself from doubts and confusions.