Let us dance!
Let us blend our songs together,
Songs of love, dedication and steadfastness.

Round and round we go,
Under swirling lights in a dimmed room.
Dancing with loving embrace,
My right hand tenderly holding your waist,
My left hand gently embracing your head.
See the gentle light flickering slowly across our faces,
Watch as the time slows with our eyes locked in loving gaze.
Round, round, and round we go,
Dancing away without care in the world.
Watch as our songs become one!

How can we understand the depth and width of your LOVE, O LORD?
I can feel the fierceness and protectiveness of your LOVE.
It is enduring and never-ending.
Nothing can stop you from loving us.
Teach me how to love as you love,
For my capacity to love is not as great as yours!
Teach me, O LORD.
So that my capacity to love can increase,
And to be drenched in your LOVE ,
And to be overflowing with LOVE,
So I can give you my LOVE and share with others!
Teach me, O LORD to love you as you love me.