We must strive for the truth and accurate understanding of what God intended to tell us. We cannot put God in our own man-made box of thinking. There has been many people who put up complicated theology, intriguing imaginations, and man-made rules that people must follow! They are like the Pharisees of the old – the one whom have myriad of rules. They think by possessing the right rules, having royal bloodline (the Jews), and having Abraham as their father that they are saved. Instead they burden people with cumbersome rules that no one can live up to. It is only by God’s grace and mercy that we are saved.

They will tell you that they are right and everyone else are wrong. But once people profess they have all the answer and the knowledge, they stop learning. Their mind is closed to further inquiry and additional learning. How can they learn more if they are assured they have the answers? I can point out some examples, some people who believe their church only possesses the correct ‘truth’, correct ‘theology’ and that everyone else is wrong. Some believe their bible translation is the only correct one, and others are not as ‘pure.’ (Whenever translating from one language to another, something get lost in the process. It could be the meaning, the context, or combination of both. This is why when we study the bible, we should not rely on only one translation but several translations and also to dig deep in the Word. Not only that, I do believe that Holy Spirit will speak to our heart regardless of any limitation translation may have.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we should adopt moral relativism (which is a philosophy that suggests there is no truth, instead it is only relative depending on a person’s perspective). There are only one Truth, and only one way to God – that is through the blood of Christ. If we are to learn the truth, we must remain humble and be open to God’s voice. Sometimes pride could get in the way of hearing God’s gentle whisper because we have a man-made idea of what ought to be rather than the actual reality and the way God see it.

We should be of one body and one mind. He was not divided just as the churches are! These days, there are too many divisions in the churches. They are divided because we haven’t given up ourselves over to God. There are pride, quarreling, judgmental attitudes, those who water down God’s sacred word, and more! This is not what God intended. We must be of one mind, one in Christ. We can only do this if we decrease in Self and let Christ increase in ourselves so we can remain in Truth.