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Forgotten Prayer

Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me

Not too long ago, I walked through a local park and saw a beautiful butterfly fluttering about. I had camera with me and tried to take picture of it but it flew away before I could take a picture of the butterfly. Feeling a bit disappointed, so I gently asked God if He would bring butterfly closer to me so I could take a beautiful shot. It didn’t happen that day. Of course I was slightly disappointed but still trusted God. I wasn’t sure what His answer was going to be – Yes or no. If it were going to be a yes, then it would be on His timing not my own!

Well… today I had a very pleasant surprise from God. I went to this local park again and saw probably around five to seven butterflies. I felt as if He gave me much more than what I originally asked for! Not just one butterfly, but numerous butterflies! I thought this was a good lesson in waiting for His timing and that He never forgets our prayer (which I did completely forgot). My prayer initially was for one butterfly at that time, but it felt as if God was saying, “I’ve got something better for you! Just wait and see” and then BAM! He gives it to you =)

More Prayers

Some of the prayers I had before –

How I would love to feel and see your presence more clearly! I will wait upon your perfect timing, even though I can be a bit impatient! I will keep telling myself to be patient and I won’t beat myself too much for being impatient.

I understand that I must be ready for anything that comes, whether if it’s blessings or trials. I am willing to give and sacrifice for you even though my flesh may not agree with it. I only ask for your strength and courage to stand for what’s to come. (I thought of possible future persecution and whether if I am willing to stand for Christ even there is a possibility of being mocked, ridiculed, or physically hurt).

I ask for you to clean my heart inside out. Completely! What if I am seeking You with some ulterior motive? As in seeking You for the sake of receiving your blessings? What if there’s something hidden within me that I’m not aware of or have overlooked? Something in subconscious that I should repent of? If so then I repent of whatever is not clean within me.
Nevertheless, I will lean on your promises, your unwavering words! I know you can clean my heart and give me a new heart. I can feel You working through my heart, just as potter molds his clays into perfection. O Father, You know me better than I know myself. I don’t want to hurt your feeling but instead I want to give you my LOVE. I ask to be able to LOVE you as you have LOVED me.

Simple Prayers

Just some of my short prayers scattered throughout regular day (might not be the exact words or as refined as I’ve written them but the general concept is still the same)

– Thank you for the fresh bagel, they smell wonderful! It’s delightful.

– Thank you for being with me

– Thank you for a beautiful day

– Look at that beautiful tree, Your designs are delightful to behold!

– Thank you for giving me food and drink and I ask for You to bless my meal.

– I will never leave you no matter what happen.

– How I love your handiworks! Look at all those birds fluttering about, swaying green grasses, and the smell of fresh air!

– What an amazing universe you have created!

NASA Unveils Celestial Fireworks as Official Hubble 25th Anniversary Image

– Let’s go on an adventure! (going to a local park).

– Thank you for going on an adventure with me.

– (Just sitting and silently thinking of you, imagining myself sitting alongside with you and enjoying your presence)

Meeting with Creator of the Universe

O loving Father,
I thirst for you.
To be embraced by your loving embrace,
To fall into your bosom.
I would love to see you,
And to actually embrace you!

I’m a visual person and I like to see things for myself. I long to actually see God and I know this will happen one day, whether if he will allow it on the earth or when I go to heaven. I’m excited about this prospect. Now I’m wondering like a child – What does God look like? What does He smell like? What does He sound like? What does He feel like?

I already love what He has created for us – Galaxies, creatures, birds, earth, stars, etc..! I feel like those are a reflection of His BEAUTY, and His beautiful HANDIWORKS, and most importantly, I love His everlasting and overflowing LOVE.