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God’s Long Awaited Promises

my father told me that....

As I was speaking to my dear friend and brother in Christ about having more questions than answers. I exclaimed that sometimes that’s the fun part, and of course sometimes it’s not so fun. I don’t think God intends for us to put Him in our small box of understanding. Proverb 25:2 comes to mind

Proverb 25:2 (AMP)
2It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,
But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

Later that evening when I couldn’t fall asleep so quickly, I decided to flip through the Bible, starting with the Proverb but that didn’t feel right with my heart, then my heart pointed me to the New Testament. I said to myself, I feel like spending time with Jesus! So I casually skimmed/read through the book of John, stopping in various places with brief intent focus before moving on the next. But when I came across this verse

John 3:8 (AMP)
8 The wind blows where it wishes and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it is coming from and where it is going; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

At that moment, my heart stirred once again and I remembered my conversation with my friend from earlier. I thought to myself – BINGO!

And then out of blue, I started writing down what I presume to be Holy Spirit guiding me as I write. I didn’t know if it was intended specifically for me, or my friend or even someone else reading this. Or even a combination of these. The message stayed on my heart until I sent this to my friend the next day. This is what I wrote down –

A man tries to plan,
tries to have it his own way.
Whether if good or ill-intended.
Our preconceived notion, ideas, plans doesn’t necessarily always line up with God’s grand master plan.

How can we constrain God’s way with our own limited way?
How can we constrain God’s way of thinking with our own limited thoughts?
If God says He will deliver, then He will deliver.
Even if it’s a long time coming.

Remember Abraham?
When he waited for so long to receive his long-awaited son,
he thought it was a good idea to try to “help” God.
But God already had this handled,
Already taken care of,
for His Holy Hand isn’t bound, nor is His arm too short.
Yet by Abraham’s flesh, he produced an Ishmael.
Yet by Abraham’s faith and God’s promise, a promised son was born nevertheless!
An Issac!

I remember a while back when God wanted me to go down a particular path in life. He showed me the end destination as for where I was go but I didn’t know all of the details yet. Like Abraham, he didn’t know how and when his promised son would come. I just took it in faith that God will deliver on His promise to deliver me to where He wanted me to be. My flesh also tried to “help” God by planning specific details in order to accomplish where He wanted me to go. I thought this was the specific path and how God would deliver into the next stage of life but yet my preconceived notion wasn’t spot-on! Despite my “help”, God’s plan was still proceeding precisely on schedule, so nothing had been lost nor delayed. Remember my previous blog entry about God opening and closing doors in our life? In my case, I went to the wrong door but fortunately God had it closed so I can go through the correct door. God will deliver on His promise for He is able to!

John 3:8 is so powerful since we are born of the Spirit. We can feel the wind, and know which direction it’s blowing in but yet we cannot hold/contain the wind itself. Our flesh prefers the idea of being in control and yet wind is something we cannot control. So when we’re born of the spirit, we’re essentially giving up our control in life (or at least trying/learning how to do so) and allowing God’s Holy Spirit to guide us. The process might be a bit unpleasant but necessary for our growth!

The Bride Who Waited

A beautiful bride,
Sitting on a rock amidst the stream,
All dressed up and ready.

She had been waiting for a long time,
Turning her head in excitement for every sound in the forest,
Anticipating her Groom to come anytime.

That must be Him!
No.. just rustling leaves.
Is that Him?
No, just a deer lurking about.

Doubts rise up in her head.
What if He had forgotten about me?
What if I’m not worthy?
What if…

Shaking her head,
No! I won’t doubt!
He will come. I know He will
Because He loves me
And because He promised!

I won’t chase after other things,
Things that I can see and hear.
No, I’ll wait for the best!
I’ll take it in faith that you’re the best!
Yes, I will have faith…

And I will keep on watching and be ready!

Sweet Nectar of God’s Love

Recently I had an intense dream but I was unsure what it meant. I felt a profound sense of love and acceptance in the dream. I still thanked God, even though I didn’t understand the dream, for He has poured His love into me. Nevertheless, it has inspired me to write this poem. Enjoy!

Your love is like a sweet nectar
Pure, intense and yet gentle
Let me drink deeply of your love!

How can mere words describe your LOVE?

Your love is higher than the highest mountains,
Deeper than the deepest ocean,
Wider than the whole universe,
Enduring forever and ever!

O Loving GOD,
Let us dance!
Without care in the world,
Watch the world diminish to nothingness,
As we get closer and closer!

What Shall I Do, O Lord?

Is it your voice O LORD?
Or is that just my thoughts?
Is that the voice of evil ones?
Or just my own thoughts?

Or yours?

Or am I just overthinking things?
O Soul, cease being anxious!
O Soul, what torments you?

Well Soul…
I will still follow God’s command regardless –
Which is loving and following you,
And loving and treating one another royally.

Is this a case of taking on more faith?
And knowing less where we’re going?

Or is this a test?
To see what I would do without clear guidance?
Like the servants in the parable of talents?

If so,
Then I’ll make sure to put Your “talents” to a good use!
I will bring to my remembrance
Of what I’ve learned from Your Holy Word,
And try to discern what your will is.

I hope my mere efforts please you, O LORD
Even it is stumbling and imperfect..

Only You can make and refine me
Into a beautiful vessel of great value
From gritty ashes into magnificent jewels
O Author and Finisher of my faith!

Then BAM!
Out of nowhere,
The LORD speaks
Not by our timing,

A question I’ve pondered in my heart –

Is it that when we grow closer and closer to God, that we learn to depend more and more upon faith? Less sight and more faith?

Flowing like a Water

Relax & Unwind

His Bride flows like a water,
Swift yet gentle.
His Children are like a wind,
Not knowing exactly where they’ll go!
That’s where we take it in faith,
If God says GO THERE,
We go there.
If God says STAY HERE,
We stay here.
Oh, let’s take His command in FAITH!
Even though we may not understand it at first.

But do we dare to trust God?
Isn’t God’s way higher than man?
His thoughts higher than man?
Yes, see how we dared to trust in GOD!
See how we flow effortlessly like a water,
See how we move like a wind.
Surely nothing man-made could contain God,
Nor His Children!

Watch out for trappers of the soul!
They want to put us in a box,
To restrain, confine and restrict us.
No, no, and no!

God has set us free!
Who could contain a mighty river?
Who could control a strong gust?
Watch how God gather all little streams together,
And see how God turns them into a mighty river!
Overflowing with His everlasting LOVE!