About Me

I remember myself as a young deaf kid sitting in a church pew not really understanding what was being preached. Although I did remember having immense love for God somehow. This was the earliest memory I could remember about my love for God. As I continued to attend church and not really understand anything, I decided to start reading Bible on my own. Out of His mercy and goodness, He has guided me and helped me learned a lot about Him. Throughout my life, I haven’t always been faithful to God but despite my occasional unfaithfulness He was always faithful to me – leading me, rebuking me, letting me learn the consequence of sin, giving me love, supporting me, comforting me, and more!

In hindsight, I’m starting to see how he has led me to where I am now. His gentle and tender hand guiding me throughout my life just as skilled artisan molds clay into a beautiful pottery. I am far from perfect but I will continue to rest on God’s promise to make me a new creation in CHRIST! Free of corruption!

To be honest, I cannot imagine a life without God. He is there for me always – whenever I’m joyful, sad, misbehaving, behaving, working, sleeping, etc.. He is like your best friend, lover, father, and more! I always love talking to him about everything, with subjects ranging from serious to silly and petty. I hope this blog will encourage you to develop and nourish your relationship with God. I pray that my readers will be inspired to have a wonderful relationship with God and to be basked in God’s LOVE!

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